Welcome to your
"Coffee House Connect"

**monday june 18, 2018 6pm**


A day of interaction, conversation, networking and inspiration, for all who have a hunger for a creative musical outlet. Musicians looking for a band, bands looking for musicians and everything in between! We're excited to announce our first social and interactive gathering for musicians, in search of working projects, partners, gigs, instrumentalists, singers, co-writers or simply new jam friends! Original bands to cover bands and any style of music. This event is free and completely inspired by the overwhelming response from all of you, the many active musicians in our community, who reached out to us, regarding this exact need in Hamilton. Let's get out from behind our screens and form exciting relationships with results!


- Show up to Studio410's "MUSIC MILL" at 6pm on Monday June 18th
- Register your info on-site computer
- Receive your "Jam tag"
- Roam around the property and interact!

Upon arrival at The Music Mill at 6pm, Musicians will be given a "Jam Tag" to place on their shirts, as to who they are and what they have to offer. (Ie. John Smith, Drummer).

We will open all of our studio rooms to the public, including our fire pit patio out back, for all to roam freely on site, find common grounds with others and connect.

Coffee and some refreshments will be provided.

No need to bring an instrument for this event, this day is about making new relationships.

In addition to this event we will have a computer registration for all attendees to enter their information. We will create an open roster list, to be sent out to everyone who signs up of every musician, their instrument, their contact and their goals (covers/originals/fun).

This way, if you missed any potential introductions that day, you have a chance to connect at a later time. For months or years to come!


***Please keep in mind, It is important to show up at 6pm, in order to maximize this process and event.

We look forward to an awesome day and meeting with you all!

Carm Milioto & Adrian Fidanza

Studio410 Sound Productions
410 Regional Road East
Hannon, On (some GPS Hamilton)
L0R 1P0

Out in the country side,
Past Terra Green houses on the right!
Just east of 3rd Road and west of Tapleytown Rd

Look for the HUGE 410 Sign!