"the music LOUNGE"

We have you covered for affordability and productivity in this new space! We will set you up with a creative, gear loaded project studio as well as a spacious jam space to capture your music! 

Great for soloists, singer song-writers, aspiring engineers/producers, band-writing ideas, pre-production, tracking and more!

A spacious 800 sq/ft, fully loaded rehearsal studio, with great lighting, a lounge area and a digital studio set up. Specially designed for rehearsal use, with the option of capturing your jam to Pro Tools with stereo room mics.

For hourly or daily rental use of "Do it yourself" live stereo room tracking or multi-tracking recording. Complete with a large projector screen of your pro tools session, for easy viewing across the room. Leave with your jam on your USB stick!


Included in your rental

Acoustic, electric & bass guitars for soloist and song-writers.

Tube Di pre-amp for bass and acousitc guitar tracking on the fly.

Digital synth/keys (1000's of sounds, loops, drums and instruments).

Line 6 Guitar amp simulator,  direct to Pro Tools for a quick guitar tracking set up.

Condenser & dynamic microphones.

Pro Tools based, digital work station. 

Fantastic lighting and vibe. 

2 half stack guitar amps.

Bass rig.

Drum kit (minus snare & cymbals).


Singer-songwriters, walk in as you are and leave with your ideas!

Do it all yourself! It's that simple.



Soloist $30/h

Bands (2 plus people) $35/h

*Day rates available*


Additional rentals