HAMILTON's Best Rehearsal Studio 

Relaxed Atmosphere, Easy Set up & Late Hours 

Enjoy band rehearsal again in our professional grade rehearsal studios. With all rooms featuring amenities such as air conditioning, security monitoring, and 24/7 access just to name a few, you can be sure that your rehearsal will go smoothly every time. Our premium rehearsal rooms feature lighting, stages, and even sound engineering; record live off the floor!

When you need to take a break or unwind, kick back on the couches in our lounge area, equipped with refrigeration and a microwave. When the weather is nice, head out to the private outdoor patio & fire pit overlooking acres of Ontario's Greenbelt. It's been said by many of our visiting artists that the patio is quite inspiring and peaceful; helping them unwind or explore new ideas.  



Our 1400sq/ft premium facility, with top quality backline, sound engineer, four onstage monitor mixes, huge sound & fantastic mood lighting, paired with our recording suite and a beautiful Neve Console to capture your music!

STUDIO410 CLASSIC & The port


A step above your everyday rehearsal rooms! Fully loaded with quality backline and a stress free sound set up by our staff

Elite PA System with Sub & Monitors 


Our studio is designed as a plug in and play rehearsal studio. 410's Elite P.A system including mains, subwoofer and 15" monitor wedges provide the sound quality of a live show during rehearsal. Kick drum, piano & vocals all lined into PA.

Back-line Provided 


Back-line amps, keyboard & drums (minus breakables) are all provided for artists as well as microphones, stands and all things necessary for a great sounding rehearsal. You can expect back line already plugged into P.A system & ready to play. The room is acoustically treated and EQ'd for optimal sound & monitoring.


Record Live Off the Floor! 


Take advantage of Studio410's "Live Off The Floor" recording during your rehearsal. Our set up allows 410's artists to go home with recordings after working hard in the rehearsal room for an affordable cost. Great for demo's, pre production, writing and showcasing your material. 


Join the family and be a permanent resident at Studio410! Our awesome music community will surely inspire you and your band mates. 

  • 24/7 Access spaces
  • Camera monitored in/out
  • barred windows and deadbolt locks
  • Heat & Air conditioned
  • parking outside your jam space (ground level)
  • 380 sq/ft premium size room
  • Come and go as you please
  • hydro included

**Subject to availability, join our wait list and be first in line!